1-What is your time working?
We work 9AM to 10PM every day.(gmt +3:30)
2-what is your contact info?
You can see our contact info on our homepage on support table.
3-How should I purchase my order?
First of all , you should coordinate for the amount on contact page and after that you can fill the form and register your order.
4-how long does it take to purchase my order?
If you register your order in our working times ((10 am to 10 pm )) we will do less than 2 hours otherwise it will done on next day working time as soon as possible.
5-will you do the orders (buy/sell) automatically?
you can sell wmz to us automatically via our webmoney merchant but you should buy wmz from us manually . you should coordinate all of your orders before registering by one of our contacts info.
6-can I cancel my request?
Yes, if your order has not been done,you can contact us for cancelling.
7-do you have any fees for cancelling my order?
Yes, please see our fees and commissions page.
8-which Iranian bank you can pay RLS?
We work only with Saman and mellat banks.
9- Аre you planning to work with cash  or bank cards?
we working with cards
About Us
We are a center of exchanging wmz to Iranian rials. We are located on Shiraz, Iran. We try our best to perform your orders in short time and satisfy our clients. Please do not hesitate to email us your censures and suggestions.

Best regards.
Our Contact Info.
+98 7136246540
+98 9171131170
Hossein zarei
Iran, Shiraz, sanayeh goldasht mohamadi
Our Reserves
WebMoney : $14569.53 (WMZ)

www.megastock.com Here you can find information as to the passport for our WM-identifier 000000000000
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